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visiontek billing Machine


93 POS

VISIONTEK 93 POS a mobile handheld data terminal to capture process and transmit information to host computers in real time. The simple user-friendly design allows you to operate with ease. This can be integrated with external barcode reader and built in contactless smart card reader to enhance flexibilty in Operations.
Bluetooth & Bar Code

98 POS

VISIONTEK 98 PDA, a device with camera and barcode reader, is a smart industrial mobile phone with touch screen that supports communication modules like Bluetooth, GPRS & GPS for rapid online and offline transactions.98 PDA, with a combination of extreme light weight, rugged and ergonomic design is easy to carry and operate.
Finger Print & Colour Display


VISIONTEK GL-11 POS terminal is equipped with ARM Cortex A9 @ 1GHz processor, Finger Print Scanner, 3.5 TFT Colour LCD display with Touch Screen and QWERTY keypad. These Features are specially designed to address NREGA, Micro ATM, NPCI, UID and PDS requirements with biometric Finger Print for AADHAAR transactions.


VISIONTEK GL-14 POS is a smart, compact multi purpose Transaction Terminal for on the go Handheld applications. Pre-paid airtime and E vouchers, Money Transfers, RFID/NFC based transactions, Utility bill payments, Ticketing, etc. Hi speed 32 bit Processor, large memory, built in optional GPRS / LAN / Wi-Fi Communication modules.